Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ethical education of engineering students

Paper Titles: "An Exploratory Investigation of the Ethical Behavior of Engineering Undergraduates," "Framing faculty and student discrepancies in engineering ethics education delivery" and "An assessment of engineering students’ curricular and co-curricular experiences and their ethical development"

Summary: Cindy Finelli, director of the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering at U-M, and colleagues Donald Carpenter of Lawrence Technological University, Trevor Harding of California Polytechnic State University and Janel Sutkus of Carnegie Mellon University, have published two articles on research from their 2007 NSF grant on the curricular, co-curricular and environmental determinants of ethical development among engineering undergraduates. The articles were based upon data collected through a 4,000-student national survey and during visits to 18 engineering schools across the country. The team, known as the E3 Team (Exploring Ethical Decision Making in Engineering), recently received a second NSF grant to create a smaller version of the survey, which will be made available to any engineering school that wishes to study their own students’ level of ethical development by evaluating the effects of individual ethics interventions.

Impact: Measuring the incorporation of ethics into the education of engineering students.

Journal: Journal of Engineering Education. Published in print. April and July, 2012

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Submitted by Cindy Finelli, Director of the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering and Research Associate Professor.

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